About Us

013_Lrg_AAbout Ben and Marbi Gallaway

Ben Gallaway and Marbi Gallaway educate individuals, couples & families on Addiction Recovery, the effects of Trauma, Co-Occurring Disorders and the Development of Codependency. They collectively have over 30 years in the field as helpers, healers and educators. Both have claimed a Recovering Couple ship through hard work and personal healing.

In any healing process education is the first step toward change, we believe our educational workshops empower people who want to change and grow in Recovery. We do this through the introduction of relevant and current information surrounding the complexities of successful recovery.

Our approaches have developed over time, as a result of four factors:

  • Our own personal healing process.
  • Good training from wise elders.
  • Hard work within the educational system.
  • Many years of practice.