The Healing Power of Recovery in Action

Our Intensive Educational Workshops come in 3 Types

1.   Customized Workshop

A minimum of 4 days for individuals, couples, groups or families. An extensive pre-workshop interview process helps tailor a specific design to suit your educational needs.

2.   Scheduled Group Workshop

A 4 to 6 day intensive educational workshop focusing on couples healing, shame reduction, codependency, or co-occurring addictions.

3.   Treatment Enhancement Workshop

A minimum of 5 days for individual, couples or families who want to do more specialized educational work at the end of an inpatient or outpatient treatment experience or a family week.

Customized educational workshops, designed to meet your Addiction Recovery needs, at any stage in the learning process. We address substance abuse and co-occurring PTSD, grief, toxic shame, codependence and other addictive processes related to power, love, sex, money and food.

Our workshops are held in a safe & confidential setting, deep in the Ponderosa Pine forests of Northern Arizona. Our place has only 8 beds, ensuring a more focused experience. Our proximity to the open wilderness along with experiential learning techniques make for a unique educational experience.

The workshops are customized to suit your recovery needs in every way!

  • Staff: We hand pick skilled people with experience and training, who have done their own healing work.
  • Confidential: We can isolate your experience from others.
  • Wilderness: We can blend as much or as little as desired.
  • Housing: The guest house has all the comforts of home.
  • Nutrition: There is flexibility concerning meals and snacks

Drum Session

Bataka Anger Work

Drumming Circle

Release Your Creativity

Secluded Beauty

Clean, Clean Nature

A More Private Area

Contemplative Seclusion

Breaking Bread

Private Rooms

Male & Female Therapist

Solo Experience


Info Sharing

Home, Sweet Home

Recovery Unfolds

Wildlife Connection

Ben & Marbi Gallaway